Reason; as the supreme authority in matters of opinion, belief, or conduct

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“One. One person had sent eight thousand Dollars to Somalia. That’s what this massive operation of control of everything you do is about. Well, that tells you who’s security is being protected. It’s the security of state power. From it’s enemy. And one of the main enemies is the population.” – Noam Chomsky


“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled” – Mark Twain

“where they burn books, they will ultimately burn people as well.” – Heinrich Heine

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” – Stephen Hawking

Greenwald weighing in masterfully against Netanyahu

In this typically clear, fair and representative piece Glenn Greenwald dissects the rhetoric of Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

I highly recommend following some of the links in the text, they lead to some excellent resources. I paste the link to one that really stood out below the article.



“The enlightened man is one with the law of causation.” – Wumen Huikai from The Gateless Gate, published in 1228

“Humankind has become so much one family that we cannot ensure our own prosperity except by ensuring that of everyone else. If you wish to be happy yourself, you must resign yourself to seeing others also happy.” – Bertrand Russell

“A simple protagonist was a clear advantage, because it generated a firm connection between life-regulation and the profusion of mental images that the brain was forming about the world around it.” – Antonio Damasio from ‘Self Comes to Mind’

“Aaron is dead. Wanderers in this crazy world, we have lost a mentor, a wise elder. Hackers for right, we are one down, we have lost one of our own. Nurturers, carers, listeners, feeders, parents all, we have lost a child. Let us all weep.”

Sir Tim Berners-Lee soon after Aaron Swartz’s suicide.

“An army marches on its stomach. He – or that – who controls our stomachs controls it all.” – Napoleon Bonaparte