Evo Morales

by nboydgibbins

“Bolivia is there to welcome personalities who denounce — I don’t know if it’s espionage or control.” – Evo Morales

This show of understanding and support to Edward Snowden from Bolivia’s President, Evo Morales, was enough for the U.S. state to later force his private plane to land in Vienna, where it was searched. I like what Morales said, the point about control (mass surveillance, after all, is an instrument of power). The whole event is thinly reassuring too in that it shows clearly the cards of the U.S. state: Nothing says ‘we were just trying to protect you’ like desperately demanding the search of a private plane belonging to an apparently far less corrupt head of state to try to silence someone who showed the world just how thoroughly you protect your populous. I mean come on.. You just can’t have it all.

The U.S. government would have us believe that their mass-surveillance programme was a compassionate act to protect us even if we never knew the extent of their efforts. While at the same time we must believe that a person who I actually think understands the word compassion should be thrown behind bars for life for clearly becoming concerned that a state, notorious for its corruption, was abusing its power. I think it’s safest to believe nothing we hear from U.S. politicians but this is surely too brazen to possibly be allowed to continue.