We are the gods now

by nboydgibbins

We are the gods now

In his seminal 1994 TED talk, Danny Hillis pointed out that exponential growth can only be temporary. He rightly noted that our exponential technological progress, particularly during the recent rise of computers and communication networks, he noted that this must be a transition.

We must realise that we are not the end product of evolution, he said. The mammalian powers of adaptation, and our higher cortices that allow us to prototype, have given us and our ancestors a competitive edge that could be plotted on an exponential too. But what we are creating now will change everything.

It is not a case of ‘will we create AI’. It will not soon be the time to think ‘could computers overtake humans?’ That moment, where our creation surpassed us, is happening right now. This will be remembered as the moment that we were unwittingly usurped. A great irony of this development is that we are creating something that will later know the story of its creation; that it was created for a reason. There was a ‘plan’.. It is funny to think that just as we are beginning to shake off the fear-alleviating fantasies of religion, we are also becoming the closest thing to gods that is ever likely to exist in the context of humans.