The study of corruption

by nboydgibbins

The study of corruption

“When a majority of citizens disagrees with economic elites and/or with organized interests, they generally lose.”

This curt summary of American ‘democracy’ was taken from the recent report ‘Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens’, by Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page.

We as a species will turn our flagship arms of statistical analysis to politics eventually. In the future it will be shown irrefutably that the limit to corruption has only ever been the retention of a minimum level of public confidence. Broad studies will show that a politician will say anything – contradictory, sensational, smearing, damaging, dangerous, deceitful, in-compassionate, inhumane, or untrue – in the search of that public confidence. Maybe it will be shocking to some to realise that individuals they trusted have only ever sent the children of others to die in conflict in the pursuit of that goal; in the pursuit of public confidence. On the other hand those politicians that have publicly denounced a war only did that because they thought that move would win them popularity. And they would have gutted the youngest opposing combatant if the devil promised them their desired ends. In psychological terms we look to the leaders among us when we are afraid, and creating an enemy to fear, like ‘terrorism’, is a trick we have fallen for before. We must atone now for such delusion.

This report gives weight to the despairing convictions of the few who believe there is an intolerable collusion between Western politicians and the leaders of business and journalism. In the name of getting rich together they have always recruited a blend of lies, promises and hollow actions to retain confidence, mixed with a limitless campaign to influence public perception to a position most beneficial for them. Considering how staggering I find it that our species by average is still not cognizant of this problem, I can only look to those who must have seen it in the past, in even darker times, and commend their constitution.