The tyranny of the powerful is unchecked

by nboydgibbins

The tyranny of the powerful is unchecked

The key point on privacy is not that you are giving up your privacy under the agreement that you could be judged by the standards of our greatest philosophies of ethics, like the promotion of human well being and the protection of autonomy, but instead that you are surrendering your privacy and allowing yourself to be judged by the US state, or other bodies of power. And these powers have shown us that they will act in whichever way is most beneficial to them, with the only constraint being a limitation to what they think they can get away with. That has included actions that should be an outrage to any person of conscience – the smearing of nuclear power to protect the profits of the oil industry at the potential expense of our future is one of too many examples to even begin to touch on.

How many innocent children must be maimed or killed by the cold strikes of unheard drones without trial in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan.. and others before people will stop endowing these political tyrants with power? The general population listens to the ‘explanations’ of these wicked men and women, who cite a logically insupportable (but influential) connection to our fears and prejudices; we listen with an air of servility, fantasy and delusion that I find almost indefinably contemptible. Without any venom; I merely find it is the source of utter despair.

( – Edward Snowden: Here’s how we take back the internet.

( – Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald’s revealing article on the American drone assassination programme.