Einstein’s Brain

by nboydgibbins

In their recent study ‘The cerebral cortex of Albert Einstein: a description and preliminary analysis of unpublished photographs’, Dean Falk, Frederick Lepore and Adrianne Noe examine 14 recently discovered photographs of Einstein’s removed brain, taken from unusual angles. They compare this new data to that of 85 other human brains and cautiously explore the implications of the differences present – and differences were indeed present. It has been predicted in the past that differences in Einstein’s parietal lobes may have contributed to his mathematical ability, which is supported by the observations here. Einstein’s brain size was unexceptional, but, to the excitement of neuroscientists beginning to understand the various roles of the many compartments of the human brain, there is a healthy list of unusual anatomy to be explained. Most strikingly individual was his prefrontal cortex which exhibits many interesting differences to that of the average human brain. The prefrontal cortex is today implicated in contemplating complex cognitive behaviour and decision making among other processes.