Presidential Debates

by nboydgibbins

We saw, in the second debate between Romney and Obama, a rather distressing scene, I thought. There are some very rare exceptions in politics of individuals who will risk their own success to do what they think is right. Mandela carries the flag for such people, and you have to strain your eyes to find more than you can count on one hand, to say the least. None such individual was present on this occasion, let me say first.

To think that any politician has motivations beyond his or her party’s popularity, with relation to their chances of obtaining or retaining power, is I think hugely naive in democratic governments. Other motivations may lie in corrupt obligations too, which I must mention for completeness. Politicians even sometimes afford us an insight into the rationalisation some of them must justify their breaches of ethics with; that you must ‘play the game to have a chance to make a difference’. The only thing more absurd than that notion, which fails to address how bankrupt a system that requires such practice must be, is that people readily accept it.

Obama and Romney, debating to bolster their chances of assuming a leading position of the largest economy in the world, exchanged over who would be able to provide cheaper fossil fuels under their leadership. I almost couldn’t believe what I was watching; although I could, and could only scold myself for being surprised at all.